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Liking someone you have no chance with.

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congrats attackingtucans youre an even bigger piece of shit than i thought you were

First off, I don’t care if you hate me. But me saying a “slur” when I’ve stated that I love gay people and am super pro-homosexuality, and I’ve made statues on my personal facebook to everybody I know stating that I think it’s wrong for somebody to be against gay-rights and have even called bigoted family members out for being wrong for being against people because of their sexual preference, and then get called a piece of shit for using the word faggot in a non-offensive way where I’m joking and not trying to offend anybody. I don’t see what the problem is. Save the ridicule for the actual homophobes and close-minded people. Not for the ones who are nice, open-minded, and just trying to make somebody smile to possibly brighten their day.

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liking your own videos via your second channel

~just little attackingtucans things

I ‘like’ the videos I make that I put extra work into with the Versus account because it puts it on the Versus channel’s recently liked videos list. Why would something like that even bother you?

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Still my favorite. That moment. Lmfaoooo

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A wild Tucan feasting on chips and salsa.

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Wild Tucans don’t know how laptops work.

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I love dis:3

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Predator breakfast. [video]

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